I believe that we can never over communicate with clients.

I want you more aware and more knowledgable than when you started. To feel comfortable asking anything you want. Mortgages can be difficult to understand and there are no dumb questions here. Everyone has something they can learn from this process even if you already own 14 rental properties. The 15th will be different from the rest.

Loan officers should be educators & leaders. I have had buyers take as little as two weeks from start to finish. From first conversation to signing closing documents. Or it can take up to a year to get you ready into a position to buy your home. I am all in for both timelines.

Everyone's path is different. Like a trail guide that warns you of potential pitfalls along the path and point you to easier, quicker options, I am here to get you to your goals faster.

I believe the best way to guide you through this process is to be clear and direct. A communicator who has been on the this trail before and not only presents you with options but will give you sound advice.

This is why I provide upfront, free consultation exploratory calls with you at the very beginning of the process. If you are willing to ask, I am willing to give advice given to me. Here, I will probably ask you more questions than you will about me. I want to know and understand your goals clearly. My decade+ of experience from this industry will lead you through the process and communicate what will happen next.

In the last few years, I've helped hundreds of clients buy and refinance and I will continue to help new clients in the future.

I love this business and I love what I do. I would like to help you as well.

I currently reside in Midlothian VA and I am licensed in Virginia & North Carolina


If you would like to start the process or just ask me a question, during a time that works with you, click the link below.

Here, you will see my calendar and pick a time that works for you.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Or if you simply want to apply and get preapproved right away, click the apply NOW button.

You will be asked to create an account and complete a short 10-15 minute loan application that will ask you about your personal information. Once complete, I will be notified and get back to you within 24-48 hours with your findings. f you get stuck, you can always call/text - (804)601-4440.

Recent Reviews:

5.0 star review received on Experience.com for Brian Vrbicek by Zachary H. - Brian, was able to walk us (first time home buyers) easily through the home buying experience with no problems at all! He went above and beyond to make sure we put an offer in where we wanted a three week close in order for us to get our house! we cannot recommend him enough to friends and family members!

5.0 star review received on Experience.com for Brian Vrbicek by Cantreece V L - Brian was great. He kept us informed throughout the entire process and responded quickly to any questions that we had.